Interior Finish Executive, Aaron Wesley Smith, Offers Dog-Friendly Workplace

 Former President of AMI Hospitality, Aaron Smith, welcomed furry friends in the office long before the trend of dog-friendly workspaces was popular. He believes employees at his interior finish company will be encouraged to adopt more animals who are in dire need of a loving home. Having the flexibility and freedom to care for pets while at work is both a fun and life-saving perk.  Studies have shown that having pets in the workplace is also of great benefit to the health of employees. It makes people happier, lowers stress levels, and improves productivity. Better communication in the office is also a great perk, as pets promote new interactions that may have otherwise never happened.  Aaron Wesley Smith  believes that dog-friendly workspaces keep spirits high while providing a good work-life balance. For the past two decades, Aaron Smith has rescued dogs while supporting the SPCA. According to , approximately 1.5 million pets are euthanized every year in the United St

Construction Executive, Aaron Wesley Smith, Implements Successful Workplace Pet Perks

Making the decision to adopt a pet is a big responsibility, but one businessman in California is making it easier than ever for his employees to save a furry life. Former President of AMI Hospitality,  Aaron Wesley Smith , has long implemented policies at his finish and hardware company allowing employees to bring their dogs into the office. By providing employees with pet perks, Aaron Smith is advocating for the adoption of more shelter animals in need of a reliable family.  For more than a decade,  Aaron Wesley Smith of Michigan  has supported the SPCA, a non-profit organization that has shelters around the world for pets in need of homes. His passion for helping animals has also made a big impact in his community and in the lives of those who count on shelter services. According to , around 1.5 million pets are euthanized every single year in the United States alone. Without the support of donors like Aaron Wesley Smith, shelters would not be able to cover operating c

Successful Businessman, Aaron Wesley Smith, Advocates for Rescued Animals

 Long before the trend of dog friendly workspaces came about, former President of AMI Hospitality,  Aaron Wesley Smith , welcomed furry friends in the office. He has rescued dogs and been an avid supporter of the Nevada SPCA for more than a decade. By giving the employees of his interior finish company more flexibility and freedom with the care of their pets, he is avidly encouraging the adoption of more animals who need stable families to rescue them.  Aaron Wesley Smith genuinely cares about the loving pets who are abandoned every single day and strives to make an impact in his community. According to , approximately 1.5 million pets are euthanized every year in the United States. These animals cannot find new homes without shelters and rescue organizations that rely on funding and donations from people just like Aaron Smith.  He believes in standing up to be the voice for the animals who are unable to speak for themselves. Not only are animals abandoned when people mo